Why Hello Lovelies!

I’m not trying to brag, but it’s wonderful when you got a awesome boss! My boss had gone to Japan and when he does he always ask if I or my other bosses & coworkers have special requests from Japan. So me getting into the planning phase, I request ed for small stato nary stuff and so it was delivered. And of course he always gives us little gifts of delishishness.


OMG those fries though! It’s literally like re fried fries that are crunched out. DELISH! & the green tea filled wafers, like honestly I’m so not into green tea snacks but these are finger licking delish!


The super cute stationary stuff is awesome too! I can’t wait to use them. So the washi tape is Japanese Cherry Blossoms. There’s 6 designs of page flags and a cute sticky notepad. It’s like I don’t want to use them because it’s so cute but then I don’t want it to go to waste (HAHA- if you know what I mean!!) I think I will do a post of my little stash of planner supplies. Like literally LITTLE STASH! Hopefully it grows, but not over grow:)

If you get gifts or things from Japan, I’m so interested in seeing them! If you even know if there’s a website to purchase cute stationary & snacks from Japan please let me know super interested!

Thanks Loves:)


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