Small Shopping

Hello Lovelies,

So I’ve been wanting to stop by our local Goodies store, it’s a good discount store. This place was so cheap like 50 cents cheap, but a year or so ago it went up to $1.95 and some items $2.50. It’s still worth a deal, quality is great, a lot of the things are from Japan. I remember when I was in middle school (2005ish) they had Hello Kitty items that I couldn’t resist, I mean back then it was 50 cents and it was all like pouches, pens, beauty stuff and more. I was always excited to go there with my mom.

Anyways, I’ve been going there and been buying some stuff but I was so excited to get using it I didn’t do any hauls. Today I had some errands to do so I decided to stop buy. I bought a few more other things but again was anxious to try them.

So remember when I said they have Hello Kitty stuff, well I found these really cute Hello Kitty Blotting Sheets and this is no normal blotting sheet packaging, I mean the cute pop up detail when you open it is so cute. &it blots really well!!


I also was in need of another black head removal tool and I remember the one at Kmart was like 5 bucks:( When I saw it there I grabbed it with no hesitation, I mean $1.95 compared to $5. Such a steal.

I’m possibly going to do more hauls from this store. There’s so much items there from beauty, small toys, decor, supplies, organization, decor, kitchen stuff & so much more.
Do you have local oriental discount store? Do you have hauls? Please share, excited to see what other goodies you’ve putchased;)


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