SUMMER STYLIN’: Hairstyles

Who’s ready to look cute this SUMMER?!

I’ve been searching for cute hairstyles to try out this summer. Most especially because Im mostly working and home, it’s a bit hard to go to the beach, but still want to have some days of seasonal hairstyles! But don’t worry, I’ve found a good bunch of haistyles to fit any day of the week; home, work & beaching it!



Timeless Beach Waves! Looking for natural beach waves that will sure look great for a simple outing or at work? I love that all you basically need is a hairdryer & hairspray to keep those waves in high volume! Part your hair into 4 parts, spray hair with a little hairspray or put some styling serum and blow dry that section. Make sure to blow dry generously. Do not part it just yet until all sections are done! Then you may start parting gently, like run your fingers through your hair. VIOLA! cute beachy waves. NOW, that’s my kinda fast & easy hairstyle. CLICK HERE to check it out from PopSugar!




Messy bun, with braided side swept. Ok, this hair style is probably one of the most popular summer hairstyles iIve seen been worn! I mean, that cute messy bun with a cute side swept braid! Great for medium length hairs and perfect for the beach and a casual office outfit. With a little teasing at your crown and a little hairspray to keep those hairs in place and out of your way! Bobby Pins to keep your bun in place and elastic to hold your braid. Super easy and cute.You will also find other cute hairstyles at the website. CLICK HERE to check it out.




Twisty Bun Oh hey! Remember those annoying pig tails mama used to put us in! Well its times to vamp it up! This is one easy and great idea! Also good for anything you might be doing that day! With a good hair-tie and good bobby pins to secure those sassy braids! This is something that should work for everyone. Have long hair – just be prepared to have a good amount of bobby pins and hairspray. Okay maybe the very short hairs will have a bit of an issue. 

Check out the post because there’s more cute hairstyles! CLICK HERE.







BEACHY BOB’S Beach waves on bobs are so cute!!So easy to style and looks super cute makes me want to have a Bob hairstyle. This is so good for office and a beach party! CHECK OUT THIS SITE for more beach waves for your bob hairstyle.







Half Up Beauty So I’ve been seeing this hairstyle a lot lately. So perfect for the undecided hairstyle you want to rock for the day. With a little help from a curling wand, hair ties and a little teasing this will be so cute! CLICK HERE TO get started on this look:)





FRENCH BRAID PONY TAILS This look is perfect for the summer, cute braid with a ponytail. Pulled back look for work and for a party-q. A bit of curling first, then braid and then put in a nice pony tail with a little tease is a such a go to look. CLICK HERE TO see this look and other braided ponytails.



We know there is more hairstyles than what I posted and if you tried a new style don’t forget to comment below! I look forward to seeing and reading your suggestions.

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