Poshmark & Free Prints

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a while since I’ve done some MAMA SHOPPING! Why not do a little thrifting and subscription. It’s been a rough ride for the past few months of budgeting and boy have we tried so hard to keep our budgets and still make the next payday. But of course we will make it by one way or another. Shopping is a bit of a therapy for me, I mean who doesn’t have a small shopping therapy habit. So I went on a few sites and oh boy did I love window shopping, more like SITE SHOPPING. But of course I had a budget.

I’ve been hearing and seeing about the Free Prints app, when you sign up you get 10 FREE PRINTS. Yup 10 photos for free, even shipping(well for me I had free shipping). So i decided what the heck why not try & so i did. Delivery wasn’t long at all to Guam & quality is great. Just like you would get prints from the photo shop or printing pictures on picture paper at home, but your just receiving it in the mail. There’s also other ways you can get your photos , its one app you need to check out if your looking to have your memories printed! CLICK HERE to start getting your 10 FREE PRINTS! Use CODE : EREYES352. Heres a sneak peak at what I ordered.


I also shopped on one of my favorite thrifting site! POSHMARK! If you haven’t already tried shopping here, you absolutely need to take a look. My only down fall is the SHIPPING, okay most of everyone hates a high shipping especially on a thrifting site, but once you found a good deal or something you been eyeing, you would most likely think the shipping will be worth it. So I’ve been liking these pair of flats for maybe a few weeks. The seller was selling 2 gorgeous flats and lowered the price so I decided to bundle it. A day after I was about to buy it, I got a notification from the buyer that she is offering both at even a LOWER PRICE!! So I got both flats less than 20$ including shipping & they were both NEW! I mean you would probably get these flats at 20$ or more each with additional shipping. Check out the flats, super pretty and worth it! EARN $5 to shop at Poshmark when you first sign up with this code: JQKYA


Doing a little shopping so helped! Have you started a budget or had an overwhelming time these past few months and decided you need a little therapy after? If so, let me know what you do instead of shopping, hopefully I can grow into that instead of SHOPPING 🙂

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