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Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a while since I’ve done some MAMA SHOPPING! Why not do a little thrifting and subscription. It’s been a rough ride for the past few months of budgeting and boy have we tried so hard to keep our budgets and still make the next payday. But of course we will make it by one way or another. Shopping is a bit of a therapy for me, I mean who doesn’t have a small shopping therapy habit. So I went on a few sites and oh boy did I love window shopping, more like SITE SHOPPING. But of course I had a budget.

I’ve been hearing and seeing about the Free Prints app, when you sign up you get 10 FREE PRINTS. Yup 10 photos for free, even shipping(well for me I had free shipping). So i decided what the heck why not try & so i did. Delivery wasn’t long at all to Guam & quality is great. Just like you would get prints from the photo shop or printing pictures on picture paper at home, but your just receiving it in the mail. There’s also other ways you can get your photos , its one app you need to check out if your looking to have your memories printed! CLICK HERE to start getting your 10 FREE PRINTS! Use CODE : EREYES352. Heres a sneak peak at what I ordered.


I also shopped on one of my favorite thrifting site! POSHMARK! If you haven’t already tried shopping here, you absolutely need to take a look. My only down fall is the SHIPPING, okay most of everyone hates a high shipping especially on a thrifting site, but once you found a good deal or something you been eyeing, you would most likely think the shipping will be worth it. So I’ve been liking these pair of flats for maybe a few weeks. The seller was selling 2 gorgeous flats and lowered the price so I decided to bundle it. A day after I was about to buy it, I got a notification from the buyer that she is offering both at even a LOWER PRICE!! So I got both flats less than 20$ including shipping & they were both NEW! I mean you would probably get these flats at 20$ or more each with additional shipping. Check out the flats, super pretty and worth it! EARN $5 to shop at Poshmark when you first sign up with this code: JQKYA


Doing a little shopping so helped! Have you started a budget or had an overwhelming time these past few months and decided you need a little therapy after? If so, let me know what you do instead of shopping, hopefully I can grow into that instead of SHOPPING 🙂

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Summer Stylin’ : Home & Lifestyle

Hello Lovelies, 

Another fun summer post for you. This time, ive searched for ideas to for the home and just for fun. None of these photos are mine, its from other bloggers and resources that I thought I can share and you can go check out the rest of their content, because they got some good stuff!

COOL BLUE living room inspo. I so love this inspiration photo. As much as I want to do this for our living room, were in the process of clearing out the house and re panting / re-designing & basic renos. But I thought of one you might like to use this for your home. I searched for products on the web from like Target, Homedepot & Walmart. Which are the cheapest places I know on the web. Below are the listed products and their links.


  1. Yorkshire Home Sofia Grommet Curtain Panel @ Target. 3 different sizes (54’x84’, 54’X95’, 54’x108’) | 2. Exclusive Metal Accent Table Set of 2 @ Target | 3. Pillows : Glyph Stripe Cotton THrow Pillows (navy blue/grey/gold) $15.99 each| 4.  2pk Throw Pillow Dots – Room Essentials™ @ TARGET | 5. Artificial Peony in Glass Cylinder – Threshold™ Only Sold in stores @ Target | 6. Seascape Occasional Table Set – Progressive Furniture @ Target. Sorry no price was showing. | 7. Roadway Linked Power Loomed Area Rug @ Walmart.com price ranges $74.99 – $157.89. Two sizes – 5×8 & 8×10.
    **TIP: instead of buying new pillows, I know there are really cute & cheap slip cover on the WishApp! If you havent seen that site – its worth looking at. but please read reviews and products descriptions before buying!  

    “Tropically Elegant”


Working this Summer?

Here are few items I came across that make your space feel a bit more summery!

Sugar Paper Letter Clip Holder @ Target // Porcelain Trinket Dish, Pineapple – Threshold™ @Target  //  Floral Clip Board Threshold™  //  Threshold Gold Rustic Wire Magazine Holder @ Target //  Ubrands Fashion Magnets  //  Ubrands® Marble Dry Erase Board Gold Frame 9″x11″ White @Target  //  Southern Hospitality Warmer @ Scentsy //   Pale Pink Hibiscus Print @Society 6  //  Popeven Tropical Pineapple Pillow Cover @ Walmart //  Studio Oh! Medium Metal Catchall Tray, Life Is Better with Friends Flamingos  //  Beach-distressed Box Sign- “Welcome to Our Little Piece of Paradise” //  Pink Flamingo Welcome to Paradise Sign  //  YiaMia Tropical Pink Flamingo LED  //  Tropical Hot Pink and Gold Watercolor Flamingo and Pineapple 


Food & Beverages 

  1. Summer Sangria with Watermelon & Pineapple  [serves 4-6 // fruity]
    • Super refreshing beverage for a beach outing! “What the Fork” shows you how to whip up this delicious sweet drink so you can share it ( okay sometimes, when its that good you want to have all to your self the first time.) This is one drink to TRY!!
  2. Strawberry Mojito Slush 
    • Okay, now who wouldn’t want to have a MOJITO during the summer? Well it just got even FRESHER! Mojito Slush – MMMM. Check out how to make this drink for your next get together at Recipe Runner. She also has other tasteful sorbet recipes to try out! You can have a SORBET BAR!
  3. Color Changing Purple & Pink Lemonade Slushies & Popsicles [non-alcoholic]
    • This is one hell of a interesting beverage! I would say another Show Stopper with its color changing. & PLUS its lemonade which will make a great refreshment for your guest. No alcohol is added in this recipe so it the kiddos can also try this out! Check out how to get this drink prepped at The Flavor Blender.
  4. Assorted Non-Alcoholic Beverages for the Kiddos 
    • So you know we cant leave the kiddos out! Found this great list of 25 awesome beverages to serve for them! For sure they are going to love either one you choose to whip up. Check it out at Kid Activities Blog.
  5. Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs 
    • Chicken with Pineapple Chunks & Veggies is a total must at a bar b q. Okay some may not like the pineapple so you can make half with and half with out! It will work both ways with the recipe form Cooking Classy.
  6. Honey & Garlic Shrimp 
    • Inviting some friends over and need to make something quick? oh this is one recipe to try from Sallys Baking Addiction. Sweet & Savory is one good dish to serve. Personally, I love sweet and savory and why not use it with shrimp during the summer!
  7. Honey Siracha Grilled Chicken Thighs 
    • Sweet & Spicy is one dish to serve to your guest! Check out how to make this delish dish t Joyful Healthy Eats.


I hope that you liked some of the ideas I found to try out for your summer!

Don’t forget to leave a comment of how you used any of these ideas/products.

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How we use the Paycheck to Paycheck Budget System

Hello Lovelies,

I wanted to share how we use the PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK BUDGET SYSTEM. Jason & I get paid bi-weekly per month and its not always the same so we put our paychecks together which makes budgeting easier. We are actually still trying to figure what actually fits in our budget, because literally our budget is based on our bi-weekly income. We are honestly a bit new to setting budgets on paper and using the envelope system so we tend to forget to put the cash into the envelopes and follow some category budgets. But we have been doing good so far. So for our second payday of June we are going to try harder to commit to our budgets because we have so many bills/expense’s to catch up on!

Here is what our overall calendar looks like.


I love to use a calendar to organize my bills. It keeps me organized and it’s a reminder of what bill should be paid for each payday, especially bills with DUE DATES. I also make sure to note down specific bills/expenses we will be having for the month – most of the time if its a annual fee or balances to be paid. Example, our sons annual fee for daycare is due this month and also his physical. Our oldest son will be starting school in august so we have to save up for that, I will be taking maternity leave and most of it will be without pay so gotta save up for that also! Things like that should be noted to make sure it’s being remembered and saved up for. Even if we have something like that for the next month or the month after that we need to save then it will go in our remember/notes section.


So, how do we break down the bills? We are lucky that,we will be getting paid 3 times this month so it gives us a little wiggle room for our bills and the extra expenses we have this month. Usually we would half most of our bills when we are getting paid 2x per month but again we are getting paid 3 times, we decided to make a full payment to our utilities the second payday so that we have more of a budget to work with at the end of the month for other expenses that were noted. Here is how we are breaking down our bills & expenses this payday. Take note, these numbers can always change within paydays to fit our actual income of the month.

BB PaycheckBreakdown.jpg

Other stuff we add to our planner are some of our trackers which I just right in. This helps us budget on how much we can afford to pay for each payday per month.

  • Daycare Payment Tracker
  • Prenatal Bill Tracker
  • School Shopping (this tracker is more of a wishlist/to buy so the contents can always change.)

I then add the bills in a app called Money Manager and it helps me keep it organized and totaled for the  month on the go. It’s really a DIGITAL BUDGET PLANNER. But because the totals are right there it makes it easier for me to see what we are able to spend on. I absolutely love this app. I’m planning on doing a review of how I use it later.

Do we stay on budget all the time! To be honest nope we don’t. We are still playing with our numbers and getting used to the envelope system and actually tracking expenses. It’s a bit hard that Jay & Is income get deposited into 2 different accounts only because of where we work. So we try to rely on the envelope system for our expenses and our bills are paid by our cards.

Budgeting is one thing to actually commit to especially during tough times and when you are wanting to save up for a big investment for yourself, your family or your business! It may seem a little stressful at first, but when you control your spending it sure will get easier and the wants will not longer be obsessive. It is also important that you talk to your partner about starting a budget plan so you are both are agreeing and satisfying each other and your families needs. To know that you will be doing something good for the future in setting a budget to save even if it’s small amounts each payday, because we all know life throws us the craziest curve ball’s and when you know you have the extra or even half of the funds for those unexpected expenses will make you feel accomplished and proud.
I hope some of my budgeting plans helped you with some of yours. If you have any tips I would love to read about them in the comments sections below.

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FREEBIE: Wallpaper Calendar

Hello Lovelies, 

I was making up my first freebie on canva.com and came across the Wallpaper Layout! Got super excited and said why not do another freebie. So i made up some wallpaper calendars for you. I mean who wouldnt want some cute wallpapers with a calendar! Hope you enjoy it. Link to download it will be at the end of the post!

You will receive for the months off: June 2017 – Jan2018 in a JPEG format.

hustle now rest later

CalendarWallpaper (1).jpg

If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave it in the comments sections & if you absolutely love it! Sign up for my FREEBIES LIST below.



Want more pretty freebies? Sign up below to stay in touch!

TO DO freebie AD

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SUMMER STYLIN’: Hairstyles

Who’s ready to look cute this SUMMER?!

I’ve been searching for cute hairstyles to try out this summer. Most especially because Im mostly working and home, it’s a bit hard to go to the beach, but still want to have some days of seasonal hairstyles! But don’t worry, I’ve found a good bunch of haistyles to fit any day of the week; home, work & beaching it!



Timeless Beach Waves! Looking for natural beach waves that will sure look great for a simple outing or at work? I love that all you basically need is a hairdryer & hairspray to keep those waves in high volume! Part your hair into 4 parts, spray hair with a little hairspray or put some styling serum and blow dry that section. Make sure to blow dry generously. Do not part it just yet until all sections are done! Then you may start parting gently, like run your fingers through your hair. VIOLA! cute beachy waves. NOW, that’s my kinda fast & easy hairstyle. CLICK HERE to check it out from PopSugar!




Messy bun, with braided side swept. Ok, this hair style is probably one of the most popular summer hairstyles iIve seen been worn! I mean, that cute messy bun with a cute side swept braid! Great for medium length hairs and perfect for the beach and a casual office outfit. With a little teasing at your crown and a little hairspray to keep those hairs in place and out of your way! Bobby Pins to keep your bun in place and elastic to hold your braid. Super easy and cute.You will also find other cute hairstyles at the website. CLICK HERE to check it out.




Twisty Bun Oh hey! Remember those annoying pig tails mama used to put us in! Well its times to vamp it up! This is one easy and great idea! Also good for anything you might be doing that day! With a good hair-tie and good bobby pins to secure those sassy braids! This is something that should work for everyone. Have long hair – just be prepared to have a good amount of bobby pins and hairspray. Okay maybe the very short hairs will have a bit of an issue. 

Check out the post because there’s more cute hairstyles! CLICK HERE.







BEACHY BOB’S Beach waves on bobs are so cute!!So easy to style and looks super cute makes me want to have a Bob hairstyle. This is so good for office and a beach party! CHECK OUT THIS SITE for more beach waves for your bob hairstyle.







Half Up Beauty So I’ve been seeing this hairstyle a lot lately. So perfect for the undecided hairstyle you want to rock for the day. With a little help from a curling wand, hair ties and a little teasing this will be so cute! CLICK HERE TO get started on this look:)





FRENCH BRAID PONY TAILS This look is perfect for the summer, cute braid with a ponytail. Pulled back look for work and for a party-q. A bit of curling first, then braid and then put in a nice pony tail with a little tease is a such a go to look. CLICK HERE TO see this look and other braided ponytails.



We know there is more hairstyles than what I posted and if you tried a new style don’t forget to comment below! I look forward to seeing and reading your suggestions.

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BYE BYE Pores.

bye bye pores headers

Hello Lovelies,

I’m always looking out for new primers to try for bluring out my pores so that the application of my foundation can some what look smooth. But I’m honestly stuck on 2 primers that I’m in love with. Okay to be honest, when I started using makeup I had no clue of what primers were and how it was almost a must to apply it to help with the problem areas before applying any sort of foundation (powder, liquid & so fourth). It also serves as a barrier between your skin and the foundation and thats really good for your pores not being all clogged up – EWWW … who would want to have that feeling when your trying to look extra special.


byebyepores content

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Shop Here 

This primer is my top favorite, especially when I want full on blur for my pores. This product of course is on the high end side, but is well worth the splurge. This primer comes in 2 bottle sizes & prices: Jumbo Size(1.7 fl. oz.) = $42.00 & Regular Size (1 fl. oz.) = $36.00 . All that Smashbox has claimed about this product has been spot on. I’m always feeling extra special when I use this primer. But because of the price (which is like 2 cases of pampers for me – OMFG), I would purchase 1 bottle here and there and use it slightly generously – a little goes a long way. 

Maybelline Instant Pore EraserShop Here

This primer is most definitely on the drugstore side, but it still does it’s job at giving your pores a good blur for an everyday work or regular day look. Let me tell you when your on a budget, this baby is most definitely my choice at first hand. The only con of mine is the small amount 😦 I wish it would be a bit more product for the same price. But again I cant complain – its well worth spending for on my tight budget. On the Maybelline site, its $6.99 – but it may all depend on the store you are purchasing from. Like my local Kmart here on Guam sells it for about $8. Yup I know – what happened to the good price, but of course with Guam being far, the selling prices are almost double the cost amounts. But still a good deal to fit my budget.

Ive been having pretty bad breakouts and small bumps here and there, do you have a primer you could recommend or any of your favorite primers? I’ve been switching my face care routine around a little bit. OMG – high stress levels and raising hormones can literally do a beating to having breakouts!

I would love to hear what all you beauty lovers have been loving 🙂

Small Shopping

Hello Lovelies,

So I’ve been wanting to stop by our local Goodies store, it’s a good discount store. This place was so cheap like 50 cents cheap, but a year or so ago it went up to $1.95 and some items $2.50. It’s still worth a deal, quality is great, a lot of the things are from Japan. I remember when I was in middle school (2005ish) they had Hello Kitty items that I couldn’t resist, I mean back then it was 50 cents and it was all like pouches, pens, beauty stuff and more. I was always excited to go there with my mom.

Anyways, I’ve been going there and been buying some stuff but I was so excited to get using it I didn’t do any hauls. Today I had some errands to do so I decided to stop buy. I bought a few more other things but again was anxious to try them.

So remember when I said they have Hello Kitty stuff, well I found these really cute Hello Kitty Blotting Sheets and this is no normal blotting sheet packaging, I mean the cute pop up detail when you open it is so cute. &it blots really well!!


I also was in need of another black head removal tool and I remember the one at Kmart was like 5 bucks:( When I saw it there I grabbed it with no hesitation, I mean $1.95 compared to $5. Such a steal.

I’m possibly going to do more hauls from this store. There’s so much items there from beauty, small toys, decor, supplies, organization, decor, kitchen stuff & so much more.
Do you have local oriental discount store? Do you have hauls? Please share, excited to see what other goodies you’ve putchased;)


Why Hello Lovelies!

I’m not trying to brag, but it’s wonderful when you got a awesome boss! My boss had gone to Japan and when he does he always ask if I or my other bosses & coworkers have special requests from Japan. So me getting into the planning phase, I request ed for small stato nary stuff and so it was delivered. And of course he always gives us little gifts of delishishness.


OMG those fries though! It’s literally like re fried fries that are crunched out. DELISH! & the green tea filled wafers, like honestly I’m so not into green tea snacks but these are finger licking delish!


The super cute stationary stuff is awesome too! I can’t wait to use them. So the washi tape is Japanese Cherry Blossoms. There’s 6 designs of page flags and a cute sticky notepad. It’s like I don’t want to use them because it’s so cute but then I don’t want it to go to waste (HAHA- if you know what I mean!!) I think I will do a post of my little stash of planner supplies. Like literally LITTLE STASH! Hopefully it grows, but not over grow:)

If you get gifts or things from Japan, I’m so interested in seeing them! If you even know if there’s a website to purchase cute stationary & snacks from Japan please let me know super interested!

Thanks Loves:)

Family Budget Binder

Why hello lovelies. I’ve started our Family Budget Binder this year January and was super excited.I love how putting together a binder to organize our finances makes us feel more accountable of where our money is going.

Here’s the story…

At first I started using a regular binder with regular filler paper and just wrote everything in. What a pain in  the butt and time consuming, so it made me tired and not want to work on our budget:( Then I moved it to a really cute notebook that I thought would make it more interesting for me to always use(that didn’t work.) I still needed dividers and discovered the Envelope System and couldn’t get that incorporated in the notebook. So jumping from a binder to a notebook really was just moving things around was not really a good thing to do for our first month’s budget, it was just scattered and confusing.


Here’s what I really needed in our budget binder to keep us on track:

  • Monthly Calendars
  • A Tracker (monthly)
  • Baby Steps Guide
  • Envelop System
  • Important notes especially for certain bills



What’s here is 1 month on 2 pages. I don’t remember where I got this printable, CLICK HERE for some other great monthly calendars. This section will be where we would indicate what bill is due and where our paydays land so we can make sure to get the bills paid on time. The only thing I hand write is our budget breakdown for each payday. Our budget breakdown will have the list of bills due that payday and then the amount we will pay (either in full or half payments). The rest will be listed as expenses which will be managed with the Envelop System. Our budget list is super simple but can take up our whole paycheck and is honestly sad 😦  I’m planning on designing my own Paycheck Breakdown soon so there will not be so much writing 🙂 let me know if your interested or any suggestions.




In this section has all our listed bills (power, water, insurances, mobile phones, etc.) with a monthly tracker. We will fill that month’s box when it’s fully paid for that month. If we have only paid half of that bill for that month only half of the box is filled in (makes sense?) We are honestly stuck with the half payment plans to match our bi-weekly paychecks. Which isn’t a bad thing but kind of frustrating to know there’s bills to pay every payday, but of course when there’s more than enough of our paycheck we try to get as much bills out of the way so we know we can treat the kiddos good the next payday:) Here is also for our Sinking Funds, Emergency/Saving Funds and small debts so we know how we are doing. Super simple & still productive.



This section is like our Financial Goals. I listed our smallest debts/goals and working our way up. Which is our payments for Daycare (OMG, didn’t even realized we were backed up!) Then starting a Sinking Fund for our oldest son’s first year at elementary school and then starting our Savings/Emergency Fund. So the baby steps idea came from the Dave Ramsey strategy.




So honestly this will be our first to try this method of cash. We don’t always carry cash unless needed. Since I’ve been doing research on budgeting, this Envelop System has always been in most of the articles/blogs/videos I’ve read and watched on and it’s worked for all that I’ve seen do it. So, what the heck let’s give it a try.

What it is, is honestly self explanatory. Each envelop will be designated to each of your expense or what ever category you think needs to be in your budget. You will then assign a budget to that category and put the amount of cash in the envelop which then will act like a specific on hand account for that. I honestly see it really smart because there’s sometimes I go over board with some of our expenses. So this is a great,way of knowing how much we have to spend for that category and how much we have left each time we use the money. & when there is left over it’s a nice feeling rolling over that money to the next paydays budget and knowing that we are managing our expenses and actually be accountable for it.


I’ve noticed a whole lot of people are doing these systems and it seems to be working for them. But truthfully, you would want to do what’s more for you. If you like our little simple binder system go for it, but always remember not everything people are doing will work for you. You’re going to have to adjust a few things here and there to actually get you on track with your budget system.


This little budget system needs to be discussed and understood for yourself and partner. Just so that everyone is on the ae page. Also to understand why you should manage a budget. It honestly doesn’t mean to stop shopping, it’s more of containing yourself from over doing it (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) Understand your needs and your wants.

I hope our little budget binder helped you get more tips on how to start umyours. If you have any suggestions for us to use in our budget system, please feel free to leave comments below