Budget Blues to Happy Budget!

Hello Lovelies,

Here with another post of the budgeting journey. So its been 2 months since I’ve decided to get back into BUDGETING! & its still a struggle, but there is no quiting. Those 2 months actually let me see were our money was really going, which is a good thing. Now I know were I’m going to actually be a bit more disciplined! Most of the time I put transactions in a miscellaneous category because true fully I didn’t know were it went or forgot what it was spent on! That is a BIG OOPSS in the budget tracking. I found myself always trying to be perfect with the numbers but I think I over thought it and just went with what ever number I thought fit. In this post I would love to share how I overcame the Budget Blues to being more confident with my budget.

DON’T UNDER/OVER ESTIMATE – DO ACTUAL – This is one of my biggest mistake with my budgeting, I always estimated the amount then the actual number that could save my budget. I either planned to much or less, which threw me off more than I expected. If you are budgeting PAYCHECK to PAYCHECK with an irregular income, I suggest that you wait for your final numbers come in. Sometimes it can be a big scare, but honestly its the only way you will know where you will be able to give the proper budget to the category.

PLAN, PRIORITIZE, FUN – It will suck at first, but somethings just need to be done at with limits. If that bill due is more than you can budget for to last until the next payday, I would pay as much as I can and inform the company/vendor of your situation. We know there will be some kind of late fee, but you got to think will you have extra funds to last until next payday – gas to get to work, food for your little ones or your energy! Plan your bills ahead. If you already know the due date & minimum amount, put that in your budget planner or where ever you budget and break it up in 2 so that you at least get it paid each month.

DELAY THAT RETAIL THERAPY TRIP – Everybody is always looking forward to a nice little or BIG shopping trip after bills have been paid! Lol, I was so like that- once bills were paid I was like YESSSS, plenty money left, but when the expenses came for groceries, household stuff, kiddos necessities, sinking funds & the list goes one!! So dont forget about your daily/monthly expenses! because that’s when the BUDGET BLUES kicks in. You start telling yourself why am I out of funds already, I thought I had enough. We all know that we most likely go over our limit with RETAIL THERAPY. So a good trick is that, after bills are paid, plan your expenses (groceries, household stuff, kids stuff, etc) and with your left over – SAVE IT! Make a RETAIL THERAPY or HAPPY SHOPPING what ever you want to call it category in your Sinking Funds.

START DOING SINKING FUNDS – What is Sinking Funds? Its like a savings account with multiple/minimal categories. That’s where you can put your RETAIL THERAPY TRIP funds in. Its funds that are left over from your budget that you can put into the categories for future use. Tops Priorities for Sinking Funds – Savings (medical/car/household), Special Occasions/Christmas & Vacations. Those would be my top categories. Will be posting more on how I keep my Sinking Funds Organized.

BUDGET FOR YOU/FAMILY – meaning, don’t compare your budget to others! I’ve learned and read that it only makes your budget blues crazier! Your trying to budget to have or do the same thing that the other is doing – buying nice cars, materialistic things, buying a house and all the other pretty stuff you might think are worth breaking your budget for. But should you break it for those things that you know you wont be able to afford at the moment will only make you not able to save for the pretty things! Just remember, every month/year something new always comes out, So dont worry you might be able to get your hands on it before they do!

LASTLY, BE PROUD & CONFIDENT! – The best thing about budgeting is being financially stable & happy! Nothing feels better than to be proud for yourself of accomplishments! I haven’t mastered all my budget categories or a Professional Budgeter, but from experiences of living paycheck to paycheck and a family of 7, trying to save/use every penny to ensure that my little ones are fed, clothed & sheltered is a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT already! All we got to do is keep going, don’t quit! DO YOU & you will soon get all the rewards of being and doing YOU! It is not the end of the world, you can still make amends with what ever debts/financial thing.

I hope this post was helpful, most especially for families/singles living paycheck to paycheck. How do you overcome your BUDGET BLUES? I would so love to hear your stories!


Work Bag

Hello Again!

I’ve recently got caught up with watching wardrobe capsules for work and it so happens that “What’s in my Work Bag” videos became on the suggested list! I’ve always loved watching those videos. LOL, I think that’s how I got to stuffing my bag. But then time went by with having our beautiful children and minimized my belongings! Okay maybe some. The bag posting here is what I bring to work on a daily and if I am just going out with the kiddos or to the store it’s usually just my small MK Pouch with my wallet and phone.The purse I use is literally just a plain black with gold elements. Got it from my sister and by far is one of my most loved purses for work.

What I love about this purse is that it has 3 compartment pockets and still enough small pockets inside! To keep those little nick backs through out the day! That next picture is some what an overview of what’s inside! Not a lot right!!

FIRST POCKET: I usually put most personal stuff that isn’t bulky. (Please excuse the picture)a little pouch to keep the sanitary stuff (pads, BC pills, hair clips) &yes some times snack. Especially those DELISH Oats N Dark Chocolate Bars!! Absolutely love those with my Mr. Brown (BlueMountian) Coffee!

MIDDLE POCKET: Holds more of the bulky stuff.Right now it’s just my planner for personal & work and also my makeup pouch. Even my make up bag is at its minimal, just the basic for touch ups and a little extra if I forget to put it on before I leave. I know some might be like 1 PLANNER for BOTH!! yup, I’ve minimized my planning keeping a second notebook in my purse for notes and never ending to do lists! My planner is just a HEIDI SWAPP PERSONAL! Super cute and perfect compact size, but still is productive! Will be posting on how I keep my planner on a minimal with having it hold 2 subjects and many other stuff!

THIRD POCKET: So remember the never ending to list and notes!! I keep all that in my travelers notebook that’s sectioned into different things. I also keep a poly pouch to hold receipts, documents for the kids that need to be filed or posted, extra to put into savings. Sometimes extra documents that I need to carry for an appointment or what not.

I try to keep my purse at a minimal, but still have what I need to get me through the day. Sometimes I would find myself stuffing it with other things I may need but that’s rare. As it’s already as heavy as I need it.

Keeping a organized bag with what is needed keeps be prepared! Especially when I know I forget things, I want to make sure I got everything before I leave the house. With that said, my purse also goes through a check the night before work.

Wardrobe Capsule: LookBook #2

Hello Lovelies,

Liza here with another week into my Wardrobe Capsule! If you can’t tell!! Yes I switched up my color scheme! Why? LOL – got stuck at neutrals.

Honestly, not the best capsule! More items than outfits! But these items actually get paired with others for the rest of the month(s). I don’t think I will be shopping for the next 2 months maybe. HOPEFULLY! Because that’s almost $35-$50 per month I would spend on my clothing, that’s just my clothing! Let alone purchasing for my kiddos I could go way over board on one site.

When I cleared out my closet, I didn’t know how much pinks I’ve collected. So I said I should use most of them in 1 week. I have about 3 more pink tops that I didn’t add, maybe that will be on my next months list. Good thing of switching out colors is keeping track on laundry! It helps with keeping that laundry pile in check! Oh how I can get my kiddos laundry to an empty basket!

If you have any other ideas to pair these items, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I’m still trying to get the hang of mix matching. I kinda like to be fun on some days and classy on others. LOL, what lady doesn’t!

What are other ways that you minimize items but maximize your outfits?

Wardrobe Capsule : LookBook #1

Hello Lovelies,

Here with a continuation of my journey with my WARDROBE CAPSULE. I’ve cleared the closet with the best ability of letting go items & feels good. Now I can see what I actually have and what I can use. So the closet now looks like this! Not the best angle & yes probably I still need a little more work with clearing out!

The idea of clearing the closet is to let you see a full overview of what you actually wear and what just collects dust. &nope it’s not more room to add new clothes! It’s just being a minimalist at its best! Believe it or not it makes every price of clothing/accessories well worth the money.

But I’ve found my base colors for this week and hopefully to find more ideas for the next week. Here is the low down on this weeks capsule.

Base colors: Black

Accents: White & Beige


  • 2 pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 5 blouses
  • 2 blazers
  • 1 purse
  • 1-2 shoes

I can probably get more outfits from these pieces but I thought I will start small, 1 WEEK! honestly wasn’t too hard to mix and match, but for the next week I will probably get stuck!! So if you have any ideas please feel free to comment them below! Another challenge for me is actually keeping to this clothing schedule. Hehe, PROCRASTINATION AT ITS BEST, you can say.

Next post will talk about some tips and tricks that I will be applying to help me build more outfits with these pieces and maybe some extra sets! I think my next week will be a blush/burgundy color theme.

I would so love your feedbacks on how I can style these prices for the next week, leave them in the comments.

Wardrobe Capsule : Why I Started

Hello lovelies!!

So you know how I love to stay on budget!! &so I’ve found another way I can stay on budget, well with control of clothes shopping!! All started with a convo with a good friend, loved her casual work outfit and asked. So she mentioned the WARDROBE CAPSULE thing she found on Pinterest. And so I searched and fell in love with the concept. I couldn’t believe how many outfits you can have with just a few pieces from your closet!

So what is a WARDROBE CAPSULE? It’s somewhat a minimalist clothing method. Choosing a few clothes and colors and making them work in so many ways ( its amazing). 20 pcs can turn into 50 or more outfit ideas. A style method that will sure make every piece of clothing be used to its fullest style and use.

Why do I want to try this style method? Well firstly, I’ve read/heard it’s saved a bunch of dollars from shopping “BUDGET FRIENDLY” & I’m always whipping up a tornado trying to find something to wear everyday for work! & lastly, limited closet space that me and my other half share! You know the basic ol’school ones!!

I’ve found so many ideas on Pinterest and also YouTube. But of course everyone has their own way/style. So jotting done all the tips and tricks from there is really helping! Most especially clearing up the closet, taking out what has not been used since like my last few pregnancies & keeping what pieces I know I will actually wear. Below are my baby steps!

  • Clear the closet & SORT!!! Anything not worn for 2 months should be thought about getting rid of!
  • Coordinate by Color/Type
  • Figure my base color (BLACK)

So the biggest thing for me is to keep at it. I love to switch up things. Good or Bad? Maybe a little bit of both?!

I’ve also searched on apps for closet styling! And of course I found a bunch and downloaded it all. So now Im learning and looking through the types that I feel like I’m more comfortable and of course a easy-breezy set up.

My next post for my WARDROBE CAPSULE JOURNEY will be how I sort my choices to become a WARDROBE CAPSULE for at least 2 weeks, best of luck to me. If you have already started a WARDROBE CAPSULE, I would so love how you started your journey, tips and tricks and how you controlled the shopping!

Latent TB with our Toddler


So as you can tell from the blog post title. One of our precious babies is dealing with Latent TB. Honestly, I don’t have any words to explain how this feeling is going at the moment. Well of course, im at the PANICKED MOTHER stage – but trying to keep calm about it. What scares me is that it was mentioned that even if it is LATENT TB, it can at anytime become an ACTIVE TB. I mean, hearing that your child has this disease and can anytime become active is just a real big turn over.

Its only been a week since we found out that he is TB Test is positive and a few days since we have found out that it is LATENT TB. HE has been prescribed his medication and will be undergoing monthly doctor visits and x-rays to keep watch of the disease and make sure it is controlled. So here is our LATENT TB Medical Schedule so far for the next 9 months. Yup, So to keep me on track I’ve inputted reminders on the infamous device “MY CELLPHONE” which is my calendar and reminder app for the appointments, medication & X-rays.

  • Medication to be taken 1 time daily for 9 months (they only prescribe 1 month dosage then got to get refills every month)
  • Doctor Visit/Follow Up every Month for 9 months
  • X-Ray’s taken every other month for 9 months

On another note, we have 4 other precious blessings which we also have to take precautions for them. Which is honestly a depressing state of mind. But we will sure be strong for each and every one of them. But that medication he is taking for his treatment, has no mercy! Our poor baby has TOXIC DIARRHEA!! So no our Scentsy warmer is on most of the time!

So far he isn’t complaining about the taste of the meds, he is such a champ – he just takes it! Which I am so proud! He takes his meds at night before or after dinner. Only because in the morning he is already as cranky as a toddler can be and he goes to day care so they cant give him and I want to make sure he gets his dosage everyday as instructed. So when we get home, before or after dinner we will give him.

I’ve been journaling his progress and also to keep note of all things. Especially to keep track of his meds. I use a notebook app (shown below). It has questions to ask the doctor, journaling and meds tacker.

I don’t know how else I can coup with this and what other things I can do to make sure i am taking care of this properly (well eating isnt a problem, he is like a walking refrigerator) If you have any ideas, tips on how else I can keep this situation at sane and not go INSANE or stay at a PANICKED MOM STAGE, I would so love to chat!

May Budget Planning


So, the budgeting thing! I’ve done some budgeting a few times and kept committed to it for a few times. Which I’m honestly proud of! Budgeting takes a big discipline role. I’ve stopped for a few months and I think it’s time to get back on track!

So I’ve had a travel notebook that was literally just collecting dust with a few written pages! So why no use it! &now I love it! I keep ideas, family stuff, financial stuff  a bunch of other ideas I would love to add. Ughh the list can go on.

But back to the budget. Our family budget is a decent income. really manageable, but just needing a breakdown to ensure we are spending our money on the necessities and not the wants! This is were the SELF-DISCIPLINE kicks in! Honestly, placing the numbers is the easier, like a numerical Titris! But to start a budget and commit to the numbers (block, with Titris) is the hardest! Check out our budget so far!

The budget shown is actually just my paycheck for now. Okay not the PRETTIEST but does the job. So my budget plan is super simple; bills, expenses and somewhat a savings. LOL! what a savings! The Bills amount stays the same for the most part, but the expenses change, depending on what payday it is – the first pay there humungo sale, so the 2nd payday, we kinds spend more because no sales!


Our budget is broken down in:

INCOME: Right now, I’ve only started with my income. My main income will be my Full-Time Job (besides being a FULL TIME MOM), my Scentsy Business and then a little side hustle with thrifting.

BILLS: I most likely take care of 2 bills. Daycare & Dial.

EXPENSES: So this part is most likely to have numbers change to fit the budget and also income. We have: Kiddos (pampers, wipes, necessities), Gas, Groceries/Household, Cigarettes (YUP!!),Miscellaneous Stuff might be added, my Scentsy Business (I know that shouldnt be in there and should be in my business ledger, but I usually purchase things with my income – BAD IDEA). If I have anything else for the pay period it will be added under expenses.

SAVINGS/SINKING FUNDS: So we recently started this section to help us try and rebuild our savings!! WE started at our very MINIMAL!

I know i’m going to have an updated post about our budget planning to see the changes/progress in our budget and our trial and errors, hopefully it will help you budgeting mama’s also. But I will sure leave an updated link below!

If you have some tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments sections! Would love to have ways to help with budgeting.